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Korean Journal of Ukrainian Studies

Department of Ukrainian Studies, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies



Korean Journal of Ukrainian Studies (KJUS) is published by the Department of Ukrainian Studies, a member of the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. KJUS is published biannually in June and December each year. This journal is indexed and abstracted in Korean Citation Index (KCI).

KJUS seeks theoretical or empirical research discussions about Ukraine and neighboring nations with an interdisciplinary approach in the area of arts, culture, folklore, anthropology, literature, linguistics, history, economy, politics, international relations and society. The editors also invite submissions from researchers in all fields of humanities and social science. 

KJUS aims to promote the development of Ukrainian Studies in Korea and exchange various ideas, perspectives and research methods among researchers who are devoted to Ukrainian Studies around the world. KJUS publishes rigorous theoretical and empirical research papers, review articles, and book reviews.

KJUS is published twice a year (June 30 and December 30) in online version by the Department of Ukrainian Studies, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Korea. For details regarding manuscript submission, please refer to “Submission Guidelines” page or contact the editor at ukraine@hufs.ac.kr

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Rostyslav Konta & Pylypenko Viktor

The article considers the issue of coverage in the historiography of the methodology of ethnological research of M. Hrushevsky. The main approaches of representatives of different historiographical schools to the interpretation of this problem are considered. The works of scientists concerning the study of the theoretical scientific heritage of the scientist from the standpoint of ethnological science are analyzed. This problem has not been adequately covered in historiography. The vast majority of works relate to the general historical methodological component of historical research of the scientist. At the same time, M. Hrushevsky attached great importance to ethnological scientific research, as evidenced by his interest in developing questionnaires for the organization and conduct of ethnographic expeditions. The main tendencies of formation of scientific knowledge about the theoretical basis of ethnological researches in the work of M. Hrushevsky are traced, and also prospects of further studying of this problem are defined.