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KJUS is published once a year (December 30) in online version by the Department of Ukrainian Studies, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Korea. For details regarding manuscript submission, please refer to “Notes for Contributors” page or contact the editor at

KJUS Vol. 2 (Dec. 30, 2021)



The Oldest Authentic Writing Artifact from L’viv

Volodymyr Petehyrych & Oleksandra Antoniv 


Biological Terminology as a Source of Enrichment of Phraseology

in the Ukrainian Language

Mariia Kukharchyshyn 


Linguistic Portrait of Ukrainians in the 16-18th Century

2 Cord Centrism and Its Verbalization

Hanna Dydyk-Meush 


Regional Features of Folklore Prayers from Western Ukraine

in the Six-Volume Edition of Ivan Franko’s Folk Paremias

Ihor Hunchyk & Tatiana Shram 


Three-Component Nominations in the Ukrainian Terminosystem

of Natural-Museum Affairs

Ivanna Fetsko 


Integrated Learning: Teaching Ukrainian Literature and Ukrainian

as a Foreign Language - Why, What for, and How 

Kateryna Tanchyn 


Department of Ukrainian Studies at the Hankuk University

of Foreign Studies: Achievements and Prospects

Iryna Zbyr 

Book review


Priashiv Look at Contemporary Ukrainian Literature

Taras Shmiher 

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